Private and Business Yoga

Private Lessons

These can happen anywhere: in your home, office or at the studio space: Über den Linden, Lippmannstrasse 53, Hamburg.
In a one-to-one lesson you have the full attention of the teacher adjusting you and modifying postures to best suit your personal needs and at a time and place that is convenient for you.

  • Rates: €80 for 60min | €100 for 90min
  • Book a lesson:

Business Yoga

Yoga is a proven and effective way to lower stress levels, improve your health and aid concentration. An in-company yoga lesson is a perfect opportunity to introduce your employees to all the benefits yoga has to offer the modern professional.

Yoga classes will be designed to relieve tension (caused by sitting and driving) and give your staff the fundamentals to further their physical and mental well-being, and ultimately their performance at work.

Why should you book Business Yoga lessons?

  • proven health benefits
  • stress-relief techniques
  • qualified and experienced instructor
  • flexible packages
  • individual attention in each class

Get in touch with me to book a lesson: 

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